Brittney claims her teenage daughter became dangerously addicted to social media within two weeks of getting her first smartphone at age 15. She says that when she tried to restrict her daughter’s phone use, the teenager would use a friend’s phone or get a new device from someone else.

Brittney claims her now 17-year-old daughter’s behavior escalated to include physical altercations, dropping out of school, and making phony allegations to child protective services.

“She has falsely said that my house is unsafe, that I drink, that I do drugs, and that I smoke methamphetamines,” claims Brittney. “There was an incident where me and my husband were trying to get her off the phone, and she wanted to run away, so my husband stood in front of the door, and she threatened to scream rape against him if we didn’t let her leave.”

Brittney says her daughter’s social media addiction has turned her and her family’s lives “upside down,” and she doesn’t know what to do. Watch Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Growing up Digital: Are Your Kids Addicted?” to hear where Brittney says she once found her daughter living after the teen ran away from home.

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