Melissa and Mark say their 17-year-old daughter, Malia, started running away from home at age 13, and they claim at 15, she became involved with a much older man. <

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The former spouses say they separated amicably when Malia was 10, but when Melissa became involved in another relationship, Malia began acting out.

“She doesn’t like rules and she doesn’t like authority,” says Melissa.

They say Malia, who should have been a senior in high school this year, completed grade 6, then dropped out when she started doing drugs.

“Meth we knew, and different amphetamines, and drinking and marijuana,” says Mark.

By age 14, he says they’d put Malia into a lock-down rehabilitation facility - twice. “And every time that she came out she might have stuck around for a couple or three weeks. And then she ended up starting to run again.”

Watch the video above to see what happened when the former couple brought in transport specialists to escort Malia to California specifically to meet Dr. Phil.

Melissa and Mark say they’ve tried just about everything to reach their daughter but she keeps running away. What do they claim the authorities have told them about forcing Malia to stay at home?

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