Christina says her marriage to Jim fell apart when her daughter, Tara, was 13 years old. She claims when she left, she only intended to leave Tara with Jim for a few weeks, but says Tara was angry with her for leaving and showed “in a very strong way,” that she wanted to stay with her father.

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“I think because I was always the disciplinarian in the house, and it was just easier to be with him,” she says.

That was eight years ago. Now at 21, Tara is still living with her dad. Christina says she’s still involved in her daughter’s life “but it’s always directly controlled by how Tara behaves.”

Christina says as the years have gone by, she sees more and more of Tara but keeps their visits short because she claims she triggers her daughter.

“It’s hard to be around her when she doesn’t want to be with you,” she says, noting their time between contact is often “inconsistent.”

Christina claims Tara won’t let her be there for her, and for that, she says, she blames Jim.

Why does Christina claim her ex-husband has tried to turn their daughter against her? Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Thursday.

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