Vicky and her ex-husband Robert say they have sought help for their daughters from Dr. Phil after each of the girls’ weight dropped from nearly 130 lbs., to under 80 lbs., putting their health - and their lives - in jeopardy. 

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But in a surprising twist, Dr. Phil reveals he nearly canceled the family’s appearance after Vicky made demands of the Dr. Phil staff.

Reading from emails sent to the show’s producers, Dr. Phil quotes Vicky, whom he discloses wrote: “We want money for all of this… We don’t need to go through this to prove they need help – so either money – or we’re going home. That’s final.”

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“I cannot waste resources,” Dr. Phil says, confronting Vicky.

Now in its 15th season, Dr. Phil says the program has, to date, extended more than $29 (m) million in aftercare resources to guests appearing on the show.

“That’s not how I meant to come off,” says Vicky. “I don’t need money. I want them to have help.”

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Watch the dramatic video excerpt above, as Dr. Phil confronts Vicky about her demands. Then, tune in to Dr. Phil on Friday to see whether she takes his “wake-up call” to heart.

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