Bridget says she became concerned that her 38-year-old brother-in-law Kevin may be having an inappropriate relationship with her 16-year-old daughter Grace, after she says a few red flags were raised about their relationship. Bridget says she found an empty bottle of whip cream in Grace’s bedroom and that her daughter told her Kevin asked her to lick it off his neck, and she says she found a letter from Kevin to Grace that made her “physically ill” when she read it.


Bridget says after the incidents, she told Grace Kevin was no longer allowed in their home unless she was present.


However, both Kevin and Grace deny that they are having an inappropriate relationship. Both say that Kevin has been a shoulder to cry on for Grace after her father died two years ago.

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After reviewing a letter Kevin wrote to Grace and a video Kevin sent to the show, Dr. Phil drills down to determine if Bridget is turning a blind eye to the situation because she doesn’t want to believe that her brother-in-law may be acting inappropriately with her daughter.


“I just think common sense isn’t common enough anymore,” Dr. Phil says to Bridget in the video above. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”


“I feel like that Kevin could not do something like that to me or Grace,” she says, adding, “I’ve been seeing a lot of red flags that cause me to question things.”


“Based on what you know to be a fact, what are you concluding?” Dr. Phil continues.


“I’m concluding that it’s inappropriate and that possibly he has been grooming her for something to happen.”


“Do you think victims of muggings know that they’re about to get mugged?” Dr. Phil asks Bridget. “Do you think that if you went out and found all of the molestation victims in the world, do you think that the victims know they’re being groomed and know they’re being getting molested before they’re getting molested?”


“No, I think somebody on the outside needs to see that,” Bridget says.


This episode of Dr. Phil, “I’m Worried My Brother-in-Law is Having an Affair with My 16-Year-Old Daughter,” airs Monday. And on Tuesday, hear what Kevin has to say.