Twenty-four-year-old Gabby is accused of using aliases, stolen sonograms, and pregnancy images taken from the internet to pose as a pregnant teenager to dupe prospective families into believing she had a child for them to adopt.

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In part one of this two-part episode airing Thursday, Kyndra, who is 23-weeks pregnant, claims that Gabby stole her identity and ripped ultrasound images of her baby bump and unborn child off social media to send to couples hoping to adopt.

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“It’s devastating to think that there’s somebody out there who received this photo of me thinking that it was going to be a child that they were going to adopt to make their family complete,” she says, adding, “I couldn’t comprehend why anybody would do that.”

In the video above, Kyndra claims that when she reached out to Gabby, “She denied all accusations, and then she blocked me.”

And later, Kyndra says she is angry with Gabby, but also terrified. What does she say she fears could happen?

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