Treva has a master’s degree, is a former United States Department of Defense employee and currently serves as an adjunct college professor. She is also, according to her daughters, a “toxic, violent alcoholic,” and has spent 170 days in jail and been to rehab eight different times.

“I would describe myself as huge alchy,” Treva says. “I pretty much feel like I’m out of control … my drinking is 10 percent me, and 95 percent others.”

Her daughters, Morgan and Ashley, claim their mother has had a drinking problem their entire lives, and claim she has been verbally abusive toward them, as well as physically aggressive toward their father.

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“When my mom drinks, she just doesn’t stop,” Ashley says.

“When my mom is drinking, she is physically violent,” Morgan adds.

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Treva says she is currently a “motivational speaker” and a “novelist,” but, Morgan says that’s not the case. In fact, she claims her mother hasn’t been able to hold a job in over two years.

“Sadly, my mom is an alcoholic and the alcohol just makes her very delusional,” Ashley adds.

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Watch the video above as Treva, her daughters and her husband, Vern, discuss Treva’s drinking and the impact it has had on their family. Plus, watch as she makes an unusual Dr. Phil entrance. Watch more from this episode here.