Gina claimed that her ex-husband, Dan, molested their daughter when she was 2-years-old. Dan vehemently denies the allegations, and claims that Gina made up the allegations after he broke up with her. He agreed to take a polygraph to help clear his name. Watch his results here.

WATCH: A Woman Says She Believes Her Ex Molested Their Daughter; Why Dr. Phil Has Questions About Her Claims


After Dr. Phil speaks with Gina and asks her about the details of her claims about things her daughter allegedly told her, noting that police did not believe there was enough evidence to continue the investigation, Gina agrees to take a polygraph to demonstrate that she didn’t make up the allegations .


In the video above, watch what happens when Gina takes the test – and find out her results. Plus, hear Dan’s reaction.


This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Watch more here.