As parents and teachers try to navigate the new normal brought on by the coronavirus, they often find themselves on opposite sides when it comes to returning to school.
“I love being a teacher, but we can’t be in the classroom with our students if we’re dead or if they’re dead,” says Andrea, a teacher and mom. 

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Bridget, a mom of three, says her 8-year-old son needs to be in the classroom and teachers “owe” students an education. “If a teacher at my son’s school passed away from COVID, I would feel a little bit guilty. However, they know those risks prior to becoming a teacher,” she says.

Michelle, a K-3 special education teacher, says she cried the day that she found out her classes would be virtual. “I’m furious that this fall we’re not in school. If people don’t think that’s hurting children, you’re crazy,” she says. “I am not afraid to go back into the classroom and teach students. I’m really not afraid of this virus. I will do what I need to do to put precautions in place and keep myself as safe as possible but, I’m not afraid.”

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