Katelyn says her mother, Sandy, has taken the one thing that means the most to her – her son. But Sandy says Katelyn can have the toddler back when she proves she has the means to provide for and give him a stable environment.

Sandy and her husband, Ed, claim that Katelyn jumps from job to job, has no means of transportation and can’t afford adequate childcare for their grandson. But Katelyn says that’s not true. She says she has a steady paycheck, lives in her own apartment and will figure out what to do about childcare once she has her son back.

Sandy and Ed also claim that living three hours away, Katelyn has only visited her son three times in the past year.

“I find that you have a very immature attitude and approach to it that is so unrealistic that the chance of you getting that child back is very slim unless you’re willing to change your attitude about it,” Dr. Phil tells Katelyn on Thursday’s episode.

Continuing, he asks, “Can you acknowledge you’re not ready to take this child into your custody?”

“No. I will never say I’m not ready,” she responds.

Does Dr. Phil have a plan to help Katelyn understand what she’ll need to do to satisfy the court that she’s a fit parent?

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Dr. Phil To Guest: ‘I Want You To Have Your Son Back’