Tawnya, a mom of two, posted a rage-filled video on social media earlier this year after she says her son passed out in P.E. class because he was wearing a mask – and the video went viral.
“This, America, is not O.K. I will no longer put my children’s life in your hands. America, wake the [expletive] up,” Tawnya exclaims in the video.
Watch her rant in the video above. And, how does she respond when Dr. Phil asks, “You say he passed out because of the mask; Are you sure?” Plus, Robin McGraw weighs in.

On Friday’s episode, two pro-mask-wearing moms who say they are overwhelmed with work and taking care of the children and house during the pandemic face off with Tawnya and a stepmom who claims pro-mask moms are “very misguided.” Plus, a single mom who says women with partners have no right to complain about the pandemic because they have everything that she does not weighs in with her thoughts. Watch more here. And, check here to see where you can tune in to Dr. Phil.

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