Maya, 17, says catching her mother, Raegon, cheating with Craig, her father, Steve’s, (former) best friend five years ago, is the reason she takes drugs, skips school, has violent outbursts and has twice attempted suicide.

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“Well, obviously, she’s probably pretty messed up from it, and that’s my fault,” admits Raegon, who is now divorced from Maya’s father, and has been in a relationship with Craig for 5 years. “I totally agree with that - that’s my fault.”

Raegon claims she’s offered to take Maya to counseling, “But she refuses to talk to anybody,” she tells Dr. Phil, adding, “I’m surprised she’s talking to you. You’re the only one she’ll talk to.”

“You’re saying you called counselors, you called CPS, you call the cops. When do you call Raegon?” he responds, adding, “When do you step into the lurch and say I’m the mother. I’m the one that put my urges and my emotions at the forefront and caught her in the crossfire?”

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