Michelle says her 9-year-old son, Raymond’s, behaviors are out of control. “Raymond will hit me, kick me, jump on my back, bite me [and] pull me to the ground,” says Michelle. “Then he looks me right in the face and says, ‘You want more?’”

Describing their relationship as “abusive and toxic,” Michelle says Raymond screams, curses, is physically aggressive, and shows no empathy for others.

“Where is this anger [this] aggression coming from?” she asks in the video above. “What can I possibly do different?”

Michelle says her son began showing impulsive behaviors around age 3 and escalated to “aggressive” by the time he was 4. So far, she says, medical intervention hasn’t helped. Michelle says she’s exhausted trying to keep up with Raymond’s latest diagnoses and trying new medications that doctors prescribe for him. Can Dr. Phil get Raymond and Michelle the help they need?

Tune in to Wednesday’s episode, “‘My Little 9-Year-Old Terror,’” when Certified Behavioral Analyst Megan St. Clair and Child and Family Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy step in to assess the situation.

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