Emily says her family looked “totally normal” while she was growing up but remembers going on “drug runs” with her mother, Linda. “Mom would have a 5 and 7-year-old in the car to buy drugs, and we thought that was totally normal,” she says.

Linda admits she was heavily dependent on drugs while Emily and her sister were growing up. And when she was arrested for promotion of prostitution and racketeering, Linda says Emily was the only one to help her after she got out of jail.

Emily says her mother has been financially and emotionally dependent on her for years. And while she insists she has “nothing left to give,” Emily says she doesn’t know how to tell Linda “no.”

“I don’t know if she knows how much it does affect me physically or emotionally,” says Emily.

Dr. Phil says, “It’s not important that she understand it. It’s important that you understand it.”

And later, does Emily say she’s willing to set some boundaries with her mother? Find out on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil,“My Mother The Ex-Madam,’”

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Read more about Linda and Emily’s story in “Fallen Woman The True Story of Linda May Spencer: Madam, Maven, Mother,” Available wherever books are sold.

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