Tatiana and her husband, Robert, claim their children were taken away after elders from their church reported Robert to Child Protective Services. Both adamantly deny the allegations.

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“Since the children have been taken away it’s taking a toll on our marriage,” says Robert. “I see my wife crying, she’s devastated, and as a husband, you feel powerless.”

“More than anything I want my family back,” says Tatiana, who left the faith in 2017.

“They completely tore apart our lives as a couple. I’m afraid our marriage won’t survive if we don’t get our children back,” says Robert.

Noting that this is not the first CPS investigation into the couple’s family, Dr. Phil ads Dr. Charles Sophy, Medical Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services, to the conversation.

“Whatever the dynamic is, it turns on you,” he counsels. “So, the only way to get your children back is to be able to come together and submit to them.”

How does Tatiana respond to Dr. Sophy’s advice?

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‘You Couldn’t Be Managing This Worse If You Tried,’ Dr. Phil Tells Couple Trying To Regain Custody Of Their Children