Dr. Phil’s most captivating guests from the past year have had viewers on the edge of their seats. While some guests’ lives hung in the balance, others had the audience shaking their head in disbelief. Below are some of Dr. Phil’s most compelling guests from 2016.

Todd Herzog, winner of Survivor: China, hit rock bottom in 2013 when he disclosed he was drinking a half gallon of vodka every day and his blood alcohol levels were so high doctors said he should have died. Todd has had multiple failed attempts at sobriety – and was recently fighting for his life again. WATCH his most-recent appearance on Dr. Phil.

Thom, an admitted polyganist, “spiritually” wed and was expecting a child with 19-year-old Reba – with the blessing of his 44-year-old wife, Belinda. The 61-year-old convict-turned-pastor told Dr. Phil, “I believe polygamy benefits my wives.” WATCH Thom and his wives tell their story.

Identical 16-year-old twins Taylor and Tricia both said they were on death’s door due to their deadly “identical” eating disorders. The twins said to stay as thin as possible, they did everything identically the same, including counting the 12 crackers they allowed themselves to eat. They said their need to look identical fueled their disease because neither wanted to be known as the “fatter twin.” WATCH as they shared details of their eating disorder, and what a day in their life was like.

Twelve-year-old Aneska admitted that she used her charm and fluttered her eyelashes to get what she wanted -- but she said most of the time, her life was a very stressful, terrible, hell. She said she became physical when frustrated, annoyed or mad – often taking her anger out on her younger siblings -- and said there were times when she felt like someone else was in control of her body. Her parents, Melanie and Dave, said the last nine years had been a living hell and they were at their wits’ end trying to find out what’s at the root of their daughter’s explosive rage. WATCH their story here.

Identical twin sisters, Talia and Alissa, said they were homeless and addicted to heroin, and that nothing would stop them from scoring drugs – no matter who they hurt. WATCH as the 21-year-olds shared their daily lives with the Dr. Phil cameras. Hear them discuss being “prostitutes” together and how they got money for heroin – including stealing from a blind man and residents at a nursing home.

Two years ago, 19-year-old Abby Honold was brutally raped by Daniel Drill-Mellum, a fraternity member Abby met through mutual friends at a football tailgate party. In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, she talked about the day she met Drill-Mellum, the events leading up to her assault and how one phone call resulted in charges initially being dropped against the rapist. WATCH Abby, her lawyer, and a veteran police officer give details about how Abby finally received justice.