Dr. Phil’s guests during the past year revealed intimate details about their lives that had many viewers feeling their pain. From a woman coming to terms with the death of her husband to parents facing a woman they accused of “digitally kidnapping” their daughters to teens revealing the struggles they face, watch some of the poignant moments below.

Alyssa’s husband of 20 years tragically died two-and-a-half years ago. Since his death, Alyssa’s family and friends say she has been spiraling out of control – drinking, partying and neglecting her kids. WATCH as she recalls losing her “best friend” and describes her unending grief.

Josh, 14, says he didn’t know what a “normal” house was like until he had a sleepover at a friend’s house when he was 10. That’s when he realized that his mom’s hoarding was an issue. He says he’s been sleeping on the couch since he was 5 or 6, can’t access his bedroom and must do homework on his lap or a TV tray because his mom’s “stuff” is crowding them out of the house. WATCH as he describes what life is like and why he’s never had a friend over to his house.

April and Nathan claimed a woman named Ashley was obsessed with their beautiful twin daughters. They said she was electronically “stealing” pictures of them and posing as their mother online. Ashley denied their claims and said she didn’t even know who April and Nathan were. After being confronted with pictures of the twins on her social media pages, Ashley finally confesses. WATCH as Ashley apologizes -- and April’s emotional reaction.

Aneska was a 12-year-old girl who came to Dr. Phil with her parents for help with her explosive rage. She said she got physical when frustrated, annoyed or mad – oftentimes taking out her anger on her younger siblings -- and there were times when she felt like someone else was in control of her body. WATCH Aneska describe the voices in her head and why she said some of them scared her.