Elisa was a fashion stylist who says she began to grow insecure about her looks around age 30. She says she was depressed and insecure about her looks and didn’t feel like she was “enough.”

We live in a system, and a society, and a marketing machine that’s designed to make us feel less-than so that we buy things,” Elisa says. “To me, it’s a criminal act.”

Today, Elisa and her daughter, Lily, are the co-founders of Style Like U, a website that is focused on and celebrates self-acceptance. They are also the brains behind the YouTube documentary series, “What’s Underneath Project” in which people like 57-year-old supermodel Paulina Porizkova talk about their vulnerabilities while slowly stripping down to their underwear.

Elisa says, “We interview people of all ages who kind of defy beauty standards and norms and really own who they are from the inside out.”

Elisa says the videos they create, specifically with older women, are some of their most popular. She thinks it’s because “We’re all so conditioned to fear aging, and to think that our beauty becomes irrelevant. And so, when we see someone who doesn’t buy into that and completely owns who they are, they actually radiate beauty in a way that we’re not really seeing in most other media.”

Hear more about Style Like U and the “What’s Underneath Project” on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Aging Out Loud!” Plus, Dr. Phil talks to other women about their experiences with aging and Paulina Porizkova about her new book, “No Filter: The Good, The Bad, And The Beautiful.”

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