Sonya’s adult children, Dustin, Nova, and Chance claim they grew up in “disgusting” conditions, in a house that had crooked floors, buckling walls, and was overrun with bugs.

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They also claim that after Dustin left home, Sonya would take food from Nova and Chance to feed herself and her boyfriend, while letting her kids go hungry.

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Sonya categorically denies their claims. She says that when they were younger, she was a good mom who worked two or three jobs to provide for her children.

“Back then they had pretty much everything they wanted. They had all the clothes that they needed. They had food all the time,” claims Sonya, adding, “I did the best I could.”

Dustin says that when he was 18, the state awarded him temporary guardianship of his younger siblings after Sonya first locked them out of the house in winter, then abandoned them.

Sonya vehemently denies ever locking Nova and Chance out of the house. She claims she gave the kids to Dustin because she could no longer care for them.

Why does Sonya say she feels like her children abandoned her?

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