Tammy says her relationship with her daughter, Tatiana, reached a crossroads three years ago when Tammy gave Tatiana an ultimatum – get a job, volunteer or go back to school.

“She left that day and never came home again,” Tammy says of her daughter.

For the past three years, now-20-year-old Tatiana has been living on the streets, hitchhiking and train hopping from town to town.

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“I’ve been to 12 states total. I try not to stay in towns for longer than two weeks at a time,” Tatiana says. “I’m not really homeless, I’m a traveler. Everywhere is my home.”

Recently, though, Tammy (who previously appeared on Dr. Phil in 2011) says her daughter asked to come home – and she refused to let her back in.

“I said you are not going to come home and use my house as a ‘squat house’ for 30 days and then go back out to the streets. So until you change that lifestyle, you can’t come back to the house,” Tammy explains to Tatiana on Monday’s Dr. Phil, adding that she believes her daughter is also using drugs. “It doesn’t mean you are not welcome in the house. You are always welcome. You can always come home. I will forever be here for you. You must make changes first in order to come back home.”

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Tatiana says she enjoys her life “travelling,” but admits her mother not letting her come home felt “devastating.”
“I have no family. I have nothing out here, at all. I’ve got myself and my dog and I’ve got my friends that I get to see, but you don’t get to tell people everything, you know,” she says. “I don’t really mind it. I’ve gotten used to it at this point – I just wanted a family.”

“I do the things I do and I’m making the decisions I’m making because I love you and I just want to see you have a better life for yourself,” Tammy replies.

“This is what I want from my life,” Tatiana says. “I love it. I love travelling.”

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Monday.