Thirteen-year-old Danielle and her mom, Barbara Ann, first appeared on Dr. Phil in the fall of 2016. Barbara Ann claimed she had a combative relationship with her daughter, who she said was “out of control.”

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After meeting Dr. Phil, Danielle was accepted to - and has since graduated from - Turn-About Ranch in Utah, where she spent an intensive four-and-a-half months. Turn-About Ranch is a residential treatment program and school whose highly trained staff specializes in helping troubled teens learn better relational skills and teaches them to model better behaviors. The facility reports it has an 83% success rate.

“I just feel OK with who I am now. I don’t have to put on a front to impress anyone,” said Danielle while she was still at the ranch.

While initially saying she was happy with the progress her daughter made while in care at Turn-About Ranch, Barbara Ann reports - shortly after returning home - Danielle began challenging her authority, and reverted to some of her old behaviors. And though she admits to not consistently holding boundaries with Danielle, Barbara Ann now says she’s no longer impressed by the program.

When invited back to Dr. Phil for a follow-up episode with Danielle, show producers report Barbara Ann made critical remarks regarding the care her daughter received; and had a number of demands or conditions she wanted satisfied before she would agree to return with Danielle. In the video above, Barbara Ann offers clarification and context for most of the remarks producers claim she made.

Dr. Phil Resource Director, Anthony, says Barbara Ann’s response just isn’t typical of the show’s guests. “What we don’t hear are complaints … demands … uncooperativeness or an attitude of entitlement – like the guest is doing us a favor. Even heroin addicts say ‘thank you for saving my life’” says the long-time staffer, to which Barbara Ann responds “And I did thank him.” She then notes that the show featuring her daughter “exploded”. “Has there ever been a show that had the highest ratings like my daughter's did? Please tell me. Tell me!”

Following her initial appearance on the program, Danielle gained massive media attention for her outrageous behaviors and distinctive way of talking. She became an overnight social media sensation when she coined a much-repeated phrase while on the show.

This episode airs Friday.  Find out where to watch here.

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Tough-Talking Teen Danielle To Dr. Phil: ‘You Were Nothin’ Before I Came On This Show’