Sharon says when her daughter, Niki, was growing up, she was a “Daddy’s girl.” She says Niki was very hurt when her father turned to drinking.

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“My ex-husband was a successful stockbroker. Then, after being indicted on four charges by the Securities and Exchanges Commission, he eventually drank himself to death. Niki was devastated,” she says.

Niki, an admitted heroin addict, says, “When my father died, I really didn’t process it at all. I think I pretty much just tried to suppress it.”

Sharon claims that Niki never came to terms with her father’s death, and says she feels her daughter turned to drugs at the age of 19 to deal with the pain of losing her father.

Now 27, Niki - who is homeless and eight months’ pregnant - admits she has prostituted herself to support her drug habit. Her fiancé, Jessey, says, “Sometimes when she gets really sick and she doesn’t go out, that’s when I go out and I have to find the money somehow.”

What does Jessey, who also admits to using heroin, say he does to get money so the two of them can buy drugs? And why does Niki say she feels responsible for Jessey’s drug use? Tune in to part two of a two-part Dr. Phil airing Thursday.

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