Roxanne Lewis-Randall says the doctor in Tulsa told her, her son, Lincoln’s skull was fractured from his eyebrow to his spine.

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“He told me it was the type of injury that he saw that – a baby is not strapped into a car seat and they’re in a head-on collision going 60 miles an hour and they’re ejected. It’s that type of injury.”

The 19-month-old toddler died in July 2016 of what an Oklahoma medical examiner reported as “a non-accidental blunt force trauma of the head.” Lincoln had been airlifted to the facility in Tulsa after Roxanne took him to her local emergency room following the night authorities now allege her boyfriend, Dr. Bert Franklin, fatally injured the child.

“My mind knew logically, there was only one explanation,” says the grieving mother in a Dr. Phil exclusive airing this Monday.

How does she describe the moment she says she began to suspect Bert Franklin hurt her boy?

Bert Franklin, who denies hurting Lincoln in any way, is tentatively scheduled to stand trial in September. He’s been charged with first-degree murder.

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