Leslie says her daughter, Kaylyn Whitaker, was distancing herself from the family in the weeks and months before her fiancé, Connor Scott, shot and killed her on October 31, 2014. Leslie claims that Scott, who is currently serving 37 years for Kaylyn’s murder, was both obsessive and controlling of her daughter.

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“She was always afraid that he was going to get angry,” claims Leslie, describing what she says was Kaylyn’s reluctance to stay too long the last time she visited her parents’ home.

WATCH: Mother Of Woman Killed By Fiancé Describes ‘Red Flags’ She Noticed Before The Murder

In the video above, Leslie and her husband, Dave, recall the last time they saw their daughter alive.

And later, Conner Scott initially claimed he was asleep next to Kaylyn when a gun went off and he believed she committed suicide. What did he say in his 9-1-1 call when he reported she had been shot?

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Kaylyn Whitaker’s Murder: The 9-1-1 Call

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