Sabine says her son was a dispatcher for a Sheriff’s Department when he was heading to work early one morning on his motorcycle and was killed.
“An illegal alien with two felony convictions, one deportation, two DUIs -- which he was on probation for. He had no license, no insurance, no registration, turned his truck in front of my son’s motorcycle and killed him instantly,” Sabine says.

Sabine claims the man was a known criminal but barely received a punishment. “He served 35 days, 35 days for the murder of my child,” she says.
In the video above, hear her views on immigration. And, an audience member weighs in.
Why are so many people coming to the United States? Should the U.S. make it harder for people to cross the borders? Dr. Phil debates that with the National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd and immigration attorney Saman Movassaghi Gonzalez on Wednesday’s episode, “Busloads of Unauthorized Immigrants: What Should be Done?” Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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