Dr. Marc Feldman, an international expert on factitious disorder, adjunct professor of psychology, and author of Dying to Be Ill, shares important information about Munchausen syndrome by proxy, now known as factitious disorder, on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil.

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“Munchausen by proxy is a term I tend to favor along with medical child abuse, because those are behaviors, and it makes it clear that regardless of how you view it – as a form of mental illness or not – it is a potent form of abuse with a high mortality rate,” Dr. Feldman tells Dr. Phil.

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What makes a person act in this manner? Hear Dr. Feldman’s thoughts in the video above. On Thursday, learn more from Dr. Feldman, including strategies survivors of Munchausen syndrome by proxy have used.
Also on Thursday, Annie and Josh say they were victims of their mother who was diagnosed with Munchausen by proxy. Check here to see where you can watch their story.

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