“My beautiful, smart, 20-year-old daughter is obsessed about becoming a famous viral star,” says Yowanly. “The last year, I’ve been watching my daughter’s life unravel right in front of my eyes. Now, she wants to pursue her life as a rapper.” 

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Yowanly says her daughter, Chantelly – who changed her name to Telly Zelly – used to be a good student and earned medals and trophies. She even won a four-year college scholarship, but she dropped out after a year. “A few weeks ago, my daughter went and did the unbelievable … I think that my daughter’s way too smart for these stupid decisions, but with this behavior, I might be wrong.”

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In the video above, find out what Telly Zelly did that Yowanly calls “unbelievable.” And, hear from Telly Zelly’s aunt and what she says about her niece’s behavior.
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