It’s been over two years since Nikki’s soon-to-be-ex-husband, Tyler, had an affair, which she says “destroyed” her. After 20 years of marriage and motherhood, the 40-year-old says it’s finally her turn to be “a little bit selfish.” But her friends say Nikki has taken things too far.

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“Nikki is an immature, selfish, absentee mother,” says Nikki’s best friend, Jamey.

Nikki’s 13-year-old-daughter currently lives with Jamey and her husband, Jason, nearly 2,000 miles away. Jamey says Nikki hasn’t seen her daughter in almost four months.

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In the video above, Jamey, along with another friend, Rachelle, claim Nikki has been meeting men online, using older men as “Sugar Daddies,” and having sexual encounters with virtual strangers. “Nikki is completely out of control,” says Jamey.

Nikki says this is her time to “rediscover” who she is. “This is part of moving on.”

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Are Nikki’s friends right to be concerned about her behaviors, or is she just enjoying her new found freedom? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Monday. Check here to find out where you can watch.