“I honestly don’t think anything’s wrong with going out with my friends [or] dating new and interesting people,” says Nikki. She and her husband, Tyler, are divorcing after 20 years and three kids together.

“I had low self-esteem all my life,” says the 40-year-old in the video above. “Now I have young guys wanting to go out with me, date me –buy me drinks. My confidence has gone through the roof.”

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Nikki claims that it was her soon-to-be-ex-husband who “pawned her off” on other men; encouraging her to date after she learned he’d had an affair. “The attention was phenomenal,” says Nikki.

Meanwhile, her best friend, Jamey, says she’s concerned that Nikki is “completely out of control.”

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Nikki’s youngest daughter is currently living with Jamey and her husband, Jason.

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On Monday’s Dr. Phil, Jamey says Nikki signed over guardianship to them, and now they’re raising the girl with very little financial help from Nikki.

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