“My dad is a very good manipulator, con artist and liar,” claims Hilary. “My dad has been faking illnesses for 18 years.”

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The young woman claims her father, Carl, “keeps himself sick on purpose," and she and her aunt, Teri, believe he suffers from Munchausen syndrome.

“He’ll eat a pack of gum and then call the ambulance because his blood sugar is high,” Hilary claims, adding that her father sometimes calls 911 six times in a week and has been in the emergency room at least 200 times in the last year. “He has called me multiple times telling me he was dying; that he had, like, three-to-six months to live. That is not true. It is very unfair to me.”

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“Carl claims he has kidney cancer, bladder cancer, liver cancer,” Teri adds. “He’s claimed that he’s had seven or eight massive heart attacks, two last week.”

Hilary and Teri say Carl’s lies and behavior have put a strain on his relationships with his three daughters and with Teri.

“He’s a manipulative, self-centered person and he has no feelings for what he does to anyone else,” Teri says.

Watch more of their story in the video above. And on Monday, hear form Carl. How does he explain his behavior? Does he want to change? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Dr. Phil Questions Man Who Claims He Has Multiple Illnesses But Family Claims Is A Liar