Fourteen-year-old Gabrielle says this past year she’s “had to get really clear with where I stand with both my mom and my dad.”

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“My mom really honestly is my best friend because she really does understand me and she hears me,” says the teen who has been living with her mother, Kaylie, since summer.

Gabrielle admits she’s sexually active, smokes marijuana, and says she wants to be homeschooled.

“I don’t go to school because I really hate it, it’s awful. I have the worst issue with authority and I can’t stand being told what to do,” she says.

Kaylie, who divorced Gabrielle’s father, CJ, three years ago says she condones her daughter’s behaviors and just wants her to be happy. She says she put Gabrielle on birth control at age 12 and admits the two often smoke marijuana together.

CJ, who acknowledges he sent the teenager to live with her mother because he says he wanted her to see she was better off in his care, claims she’s in an “inappropriate environment,” with Kaylie, who works as a dominatrix. He says he wants his daughter back home.

“My dad’s just so square, he just has no open mind,” says Gabrielle, who claims her father was always “nitpicking” her. “His philosophy is, oh, just wait till you’re an adult, just wait until you get out in the big real world, and the big world kicks you in the butt. Yeah, well, I think the real world can kiss my ass because it’s gonna be awesome.”

Gabrielle says she’s been with the same boyfriend for the past year, and she feels she’s “completely mature enough to be in a sexual relationship.” What her father doesn’t know, she says, “is that I’m in a polyamorous relationship.”

When Dr. Phil asks her whether she believes her activities are appropriate for someone her age, how does Gabrielle respond?

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