Kristi claims her daughter Haley is delusional and has always been a compulsive liar. She says some of the lies Haley tells people are that the rapper Eminem is her father, that she was a contestant on American Idol and that she donated a kidney to her brother. Now, Kristi claims Haley is lying about being 9 months pregnant – which Kristi and numerous doctors and clinics say isn’t true -- with baby Jesus.

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“The first time I heard her say that, she actually was saying it was Jesus Christ in her stomach. I looked at her like she had lost her mind,” Kristi says. “She was just going off into a delusional tailspin.”

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“My sister Haley is crazy,” says Adrianna. “She lives in her own little fantasy world.”

Kristi says that she has given Haley two home pregnancy tests, and has taken her to the clinic and the health department and all tests have come back negative, concluding that Haley is not pregnant.

Haley, however, is adamant that she is about to give birth. “I am pregnant, and it is Jesus,” she says.

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Turning to Dr. Phil for help, Kristi says, “I can’t keep living like this. We have to treat her like she’s actually pregnant to avoid conflict. I’m hoping Dr. Phil can let me know if this is part of her act or does she really need help.”

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Is Haley delusional, or is something else going on? Watch more from this show on Wednesday. And on Thursday, Haley has an ultrasound. What will it reveal? Check here to see where you can watch.

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See Haley's update on Friday, February 3 and Monday, February 6, 2017.