Wendy says her 23-year-old daughter, Stephanie, is a “bully”, who she claims has been abusive and manipulative for years. Wendy claims Stephanie’s behavior is so out of control that she fears for her safety. Wendy says she finally kicked Stephanie out of the house about two months ago and filed a temporary restraining order against her. But the night before Wendy and Stephanie were supposed to fly to Los Angeles, Wendy says that Stephanie demanded that her mother allow her to move back home or she would not get on the plane to come to the show. 

Stephanie claims her mother is really the problem because she is “always yelling and acting ‘psycho’.” Stephanie claims that one minute her mother is acting nice and calm and the next, she is raging angry.

Can Dr. Phil get this mother and daughter to come to a truce? 

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