“I would describe my family as hostile, toxic, and vicious,” says Erica.
Erica says her sister, Adrienne, and mom, Desiree, are constantly at each other’s throats. She says they call each other names, get physical with each other, and police have been called over 20 times .

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“My mom and my sister don’t have a mom and daughter relationship anymore. My sister is like the boss, the controller, and my mom lives in fear,” Erica claims. “If my family doesn’t listen to Dr. Phil and get some real help, I will need to walk away from my family, and there will be no more relationship with me and them.”
Adrienne, however, says she’s not the only one to blame. “My mom is the biggest problem. She never likes to have any peace in the family. My mom is always looking to start fights with me,” she claims. “My family is extremely dysfunctional, and we all need a big wake-up call, because there’s nothing anyone can say without it being a huge blowup argument.”

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Hear more of their story in the video above – and see what Dr. Phil says about all the fighting.
On Monday’s episode, hear what Desiree says about the family dynamics – and see what happened as the woman traveled to Los Angeles to meet with Dr. Phil. Check here to see where you can watch.

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