Kelly says she was 11 years old when her father began grooming her to be his “wife.”

Kelly claims her father made her iron his clothes, have food on the table when he got home from work, and even forced her into a sexual relationship with him for 12 years. Kelly claims she gave birth to two of his children and was brainwashed into believing it was “normal life.” Kelly’s mother, Christine, says she wondered whether Kelly was being abused by her father but says she eventually threw her hands up in the air and gave up trying to get custody of her because her ex was making it too difficult for her. Christine says she wants her daughter to “move on” with her life, which angers Kelly. Kelly’s best friend, Niquelle, says she noticed the odd relationship between Kelly and her father. When Kelly admitted she was being abused and that the father of her two children was her father, Niquelle immediately called the police, helping to put an end to Kelly’s 12-year ordeal.

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