“I have so much hatred toward my ex-wife, Andrea, I find it extremely difficult to co-parent with her” says Bobby, who has a 6-year-old son with ex-wife, Andrea. The Iraqi war veteran claims his former bride cheated on him, “every chance that she got.”

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Andrea admits cheating on Bobby – but only once, during what she says was a low point in her life.

Bobby also claims that since their break up two years ago, Andrea has had sex with between 50 to 100 men, many of whom he says he believes she has brought around their child. Need strong denial here from Andrea. He says he does “a lot of background checks” on the men Andrea dates, including her current boyfriend, Jordan.

Calling Jordan “mind-numbingly stupid,” Bobby claims Jordan is meddling in his relationship with his son. “My fear is that my son will start liking his new stepdad, and I will be left in the dust.”

Andrea says Bobby wants to ruin her life. She claims he spends his time investigating her, harassing her, and badmouthing her to their son.

Can this former couple put aside their differences and learn to peacefully co-parent their child?

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Why Man Says He Says He Finds It “Extremely Difficult” To Co-Parent With His Ex-Wife