Gail insists that she is engaged to musician Post Malone, although she admits she has never met the singer-songwriter in person. She also claims that he is watching, listening to, and controlling her through her cellphone and the electrical outlets in her home.

“I know he can see me and hear me. He knows exactly what I’m doing right now,” she says.

Gail says she believes that the multi-millionaire musician is sending his “energy” through her cell phone, and that’s caused her to experience headaches, heat throughout her body, and a severe burn on her hip.

“I don’t think he did it to intentionally hurt me,” says Gail. “Maybe he did it to prove to my family that he is Post Malone.” She also admits to sending thousands of dollars to the man claiming to be the musician.

Gail’s daughter and granddaughters say she is living in a fantasy world, which she vehemently denies, saying, “My girls think I’m mental and crazy – and I’m not.”

And later, what is Gail’s response when Dr. Phil asks if she is willing to see a neurologist?

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