Paul says a marriage should be treated like a business and that he married Julie five years ago out of obligation, and because he thought it was a good business opportunity.

But, he says three years ago, Julie became a burden. Paul says Julie is a "hot mess" who can’t hold a job and has had 10 different jobs in the last year. He describes her as a "bull in a china shop" and says she breaks everything in the house from the DVD player, to dinner plates to doors. Julie says Paul has changed from a loving partner to a hostile, abusive husband who she claims treats her like a dog -- and often calls her a moron.

Paul denies abusing Julie and says this whole "marriage as a business" plan has backfired, and he wants to know if he should cut his losses now. Hear why Dr. Phil says the couple is not ready for divorce, and how they can improve their marriage in 90 days.

Plus, see a hidden camera social experiment where no one over 40 is allowed to eat.

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