Jenn claims her husband, Seth, is controlling, verbally abusive and gets in her face.

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“My husband’s behavior is completely destroying our family,” Jenn says. “When Seth snaps, he gets really angry, and he can puff up like a big bully, and his eyes get really black.”

The mom of six claims also claims that Seth’s anger carries over to their children. “On a bad day, as a father, he is dark. He can be very evil,” Jenn says, adding that he has told their daughter that he is miserable.

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Seth admits that he loses control – but says Jenn isn’t innocent either.

“Absolutely, I feel like I can rage. I can get to a zero to 100 pretty quick,” Seth says. “This isn’t just a one-sided person yelling at the other; this is both of us getting at each other … Jenn likes to be in control. There is no if, ands and buts, and if she wants to do something in the household, she’s doing it.”

The couple says if things don’t change, they may need to end their marriage.

“The frustration now is just being pent up, and I keep on putting the cap on it,” Seth says. “I keep on filling that bottle up until there’s a certain point, and then I do become the Tasmanian devil.”

Jenn says, “If things don’t change, I want to file for divorce and have full custody of our kids … I fear that when he’s angry that he could kill me.”

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