Tonia Bales says she was working as a surgical nurse in 1988 when her future husband, John, introduced himself to her. “He definitely was somebody who I felt was really into me,” says Tonia.

Tonia says the lies started immediately, and so did the manipulation. Over the course of their marriage, Tonia says she learned that John used illicit drugs, had lied about his professional qualifications, and was repeatedly unfaithful.

“My life was hijacked against my will,” says Tonia. “John married me, and he knew who I was – but he didn’t give me that same choice.”

Tonia Bales was the first wife of John Meehan, best known today as “Dirty John” Meehan, who achieved notoriety after his death for being a con man and serial abuser. Meehan died in 2016 when Terra Newell, his second wife, Debra's, daughter, stabbed him in self-defense.

On Tuesday’s episode, “The Untold Story of ‘Dirty John’ Meehan’s First Wife,” Tonia shares the details of her 10-year marriage for the first time in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil. Her new podcast, “The First Wife: John Meehan’s Reign of Terror,” is available on Audible.

And later, Meehan’s second wife, Debra Newell, returns to the Dr. Phil stage to talk about her new book, “Surviving Dirty John: My True Story of Love, Lies and Murder,”

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