Vera says she’s living with stage-four cancer and claims that she is not only financially supporting her 22-year-old son Michael but has to do everything else for him as well. She claims he refuses to work, get an education, or even help around the house.

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“My mom didn’t teach me how difficult life was going to be. She didn’t tell me about bills, mortgage or having to pay taxes,” says Michael.

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He claims that Vera didn’t teach him how to take care of himself, and now it’s too late. “I’d say I’m a little resentful that she didn’t set me up for life,” he says.

Michael also claims that Vera isn’t as sick as she says she is and says that she plays the “cancer card.” He admits it’s hard for him to have much sympathy for others.

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Vera claims that Michael is aggressive with her. Why does she say she’s afraid to kick him out of the house?

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