“My mom has a gangster persona that’s completely taken over her life,” says Brittany.
Brittany claims that after her sister, Jessie Grace, vanished without a trace on June 20, 2016 from her hometown of Wenatchee, Washington, her mom started to hang out with gang members in an effort to get information about Jessie’s disappearance – and is now obsessed with trying to solve the case.

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“About a month after Jessie went missing, a video came out of her at a park. Her head is shaved with the letters SIC, and the other side is 13 lines going down the side of her head. My mom believed that the letters could be gang related,” says Brittany. “My mom went from a suburban mom to a gangster …  She’s always just locked and loaded.”
What does Brittany think happened to her sister? Watch more in the video above.

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On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Brittany’s mom, and why she claims the Wenatchee Washington Police force are corrupt and botched the investigation of her missing daughter. Check here to see where you can tune in.
If you have any information about Jessie Grace, please contact the Wenatchee Police Department at (509) 663-9911.

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