Candice says she is convinced that her mother, Lois, is being catfished online, and it isn’t the first time. “My mom has become addicted to online romance scams,” she claims, noting that Lois has been taken advantage of several times in the past.

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Candice says that she has tried everything she can think of to stop her mother from being scammed, but Lois keeps going back for more.

WATCH: Family Claims Woman Is Being Catfished. She Says She Feels Someone Will ‘Show Up’ For Her Soon

“At this point, she is completely destitute and has nothing left,” says Candice, claiming her mother has given away upward of $100,000.

Lois’ younger sister, LouAnn, says she has also tried to intervene. She claims that Lois has sacrificed her 37-year marriage and her retirement savings for fictional online love.

Can Dr. Phil help these women convince Lois she’s being scammed?

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