Michaela says that doctors gave her mother, Janie, a life expectancy of five years if she stopped drinking alcohol immediately. That was in 2018. But Michaela claims that Janie, who has cirrhosis of the liver, kept drinking anyway.

“The problem is my mom has never grown up,” says Michaela, adding, “Once my mom starts drinking, she cannot stop.”

Janie’s brother, CJ, claims his sister has been in denial about the damage her alcohol dependency has caused “for years.” He says Janie was recently rushed to the hospital for coughing up blood – and despite doctors’ warnings – she still doesn’t understand the severity of her illness.

Michaela and CJ say if Janie doesn’t stop drinking, they’re ready to walk away from her for good.

This episode, '"Last Call for My Former 'Party Animal' Mom!"' airs Friday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch.

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