Nineteen-year-old Ariana says that after her father was killed in a car crash when she was 14, her mother, Jodi, went out night after night, leaving her to look after her two younger brothers.

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“My mom is not stable – reliable. She’s self-centered,” claims Ariana.

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Now a college freshman, Ariana says she’s constantly overwhelmed. “Instead of worrying about college in general, I’m worried about how my brothers are,” she says.

Adding to her worries, Ariana says both of her younger siblings are aggressive with behavioral issues. The 12-year-old, she says, gets checked for weapons every day at school, and the 9-year-old killed the family pet.

Ariana says that she when tries to talk to Jodi about it, “She turns into the most defensive guard dog I’ve ever seen.”

She says her mother needs a “wake-up call.” Can Dr. Phil help Jodi see what’s happening with her kids?

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