Deena says that in high school, her daughter, Karenna, seemed like the perfect student. Then a few months ago, Deena says things started to spiral out of control when Karenna was arrested, spent time in jail, and then - claims Deena - stole money from her.

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“I attribute a lot of my daughter’s downward spiral to her boyfriend, Tommie,” says Deena, who claims that Tommie is abusive toward Karenna and is leading her into a life of petty theft, pot-smoking, and homelessness. She says she kicked Karenna out of the house.

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“My mom kicking me out was an overreaction,” says Karenna. She says her mother should have tried helping her instead of evicting her from their home.

The 18-year-old says she is not a “wild child,” and Tommie is not the problem that Deena makes him out to be. She claims that Deena has always cared more about the men she dates than she does about Karenna.

Can Dr. Phil help this mother and daughter find a way to repair their relationship?

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