Heather says her mother, Valerie, has been alcohol-dependent for as long as she can remember. Valerie was evicted from her apartment around seven years ago and lost almost everything she owned. Now, Heather says her mother is choosing to live in a tent on the streets and claims that Valerie is drinking two bottles of vodka per day.

“She’s really deteriorating, physically,” says Heather, noting that she’s tried to help her mom for years.

“My mom says it’s all my fault that she’s homeless and that her life has come to this,” says Heather.

This episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“Is it My Fault My Mother is Homeless?’” airs Tuesday. And later, Heather says she tried to cut her mother out of her life, but the guilt of leaving her alone on the streets is killing her. Why does Heather say she blames herself for showing her mother “tough love?”

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