Valerie says she’s a single mom who works long hours to support her family. “I work a lot. Sometimes 70 hours a week. I don’t keep track of my kids like I should,” she admits.

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She says she fears her 16-year-old daughter, Veronica, is going down a “bad path,” claiming that the teenager drinks, smokes marijuana, lies, and is promiscuous.

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Veronica says she’s just a normal teenager, that her mother is both too strict – and unpredictable. “The rules always change, so it’s like – you never know if I can stay up until three in the morning or 10 that night.” She says when Valerie gets mad at her, “She takes things to extremes.”

“My mom’s way of dealing with her children is just to hire nannies,” says Veronica, adding that she blames Valerie for a lot of her problems.

Veronica says she has thought about seeking emancipation from her mom.

What does Veronica say she would do if she were out on her own?

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