Anita says she’ll never forget the day in February 2015, when her former son-in-law, Dylan, entered her home through an unlocked door. 

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“I saw the shotgun in his hand with his finger on the trigger,” she says. 

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Anita says that Dylan was looking for her daughter, Alexa, and their child, her baby grandson. She claims Dylan threatened to shoot himself in front of the family, but she was able to get him to leave before anything happened.

“My mother, 100%, protected my son and I with her life,” says Alexa.

Dylan, who reportedly left the home and was then involved in a police chase, was sentenced to nine years in prison for numerous charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, evading police, and child endangerment.

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In the video above, Dylan’s mother, Charie, says she’s now fighting for her right to be in her grandson’s life. Why does she claim that Alexa is to blame for Dylan’s behavior?

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