Jacoba says she is one of nearly 70 individuals who have discovered through DNA testing that they were all fathered by former Indiana fertility doctor, Donald Cline. Cline reportedly used his own specimen to impregnate unwitting patients who were trying to conceive.

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“My mother completely trusted him,” Jacoba says, adding, “She was told she was getting a medical resident, and he was being used no more than three times. That’s what she consented to. But instead, Cline used his own sperm without her consent.”

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In the video above, hear from Jacoba’s half-brother, Matt, and half-sisters, Amber, and Carrie, who says, “I don’t call Dr. Cline my biological father. I call him the doctor that violated my parents.”

Jacoba says she and several of her half-siblings asked Indiana’s Attorney General to investigate Cline. Why does she claim that the justice system failed them?

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